Specialty Show 2016

Finnish Specialty Show for Romagna Water Dogs

Helsinki, Finland
Saturday 13th of August 2016

All requiries tarja.orvokki@hotmail.com or +358443462567 


Males, reserve judge for females and puppies, Best Veteran, Best Progeny Group, Best Brace: Francesco Cochetti, Italia 

Puppies, Females, reserve judge for males, Best Puppy, Best Breeder, Best in Show: Alessandro Zeppi, Italia 

Entry and entry fees 

Only dogs whose entry fees are paid and entry forms sent latest 31.7.2016 are accepted. 

Entry fees: For the members of the Finnish Lagottoclub (in Finnish: Suomen Lagottoklubi ry) 30€ first dog, 25€ puppy class and veteran class and every additional dog (same owner), Non-members 37€ first dog, 32€ puppy class and veteran class and every additional dog (same owner), over 10 years old veterans free of charge at the veteran class 

Payments to be made to the Finnish Lagotto Club (Suomen Lagottoklubi ry) bank account SWIFT: NDEAFIHH , IBAN FI91 1025 3000 2165 42 , please use reference number 606255 

Entries by using the internet form: http://goo.gl/forms/NusgcA7Snz 

Please pay the entry fee before starting to fill the form. 

Other instructions 

By entrying the exhibitor guarantees to obey the valid show regulations and vaccination instructions of the Finnish Kennel Club. 

Brace class: for two dogs (male and bitch) which have same owner or same breeder, can be entried also at the show place before 10 a'clock in the morning.